Sarah Granulo

Sarah Granulo - Experienced Counsellor and Support Specialist

BACP No.: 533654

Welcome to the profile of Sarah Granulo, a dedicated and qualified counsellor with a strong background in providing support to individuals facing various challenges. With extensive experience in domestic violence counselling, group therapy, and supervision, Sarah has developed a comprehensive skill set to address the diverse needs of her clients. Her empathetic nature, effective communication skills, and commitment to helping others have made her an invaluable asset in the field of counselling.

Professional Background:

Sarah holds a BA Hons in psychodynamic counselling and has amassed five years of experience in domestic violence counselling. Her expertise extends to working with complex cases, providing supervision to less experienced counsellors, and dealing with diverse clients. Sarah possesses extensive knowledge in bereavement, domestic violence, and other contemporary societal issues. She is well-versed in health and safety practices within the workplace and excels in time management, prioritising cases, and meeting deadlines. With a strong belief in equal opportunities and a commitment to anti-discrimination practices, Sarah has successfully counselled clients of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

Personal Profile:

Driven by a strong interest in addressing societal issues, particularly domestic violence, Sarah Granulo became a qualified counsellor to help individuals navigate through challenging circumstances. Her empathetic nature and nursing background have allowed her to apply her knowledge effectively in real-life situations. With a keen ability to think quickly and handle volatile situations, Sarah's self-employment as a counsellor has enabled her to maintain effective boundaries and seek positive outcomes for her clients. She has extensive experience in supporting clients with mental health problems and addiction, guiding them towards recovery and rebuilding their lives. Sarah's integrative counselling approach incorporates a range of techniques, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to facilitate measurable and positive change. She has successfully assisted clients dealing with anger, anxiety, depression, phobias, and trauma.

If you are seeking professional support to overcome personal challenges, Sarah Granulo is here to help. With her wealth of experience and compassionate approach, she will work with you to explore solutions, build on your strengths, and improve your overall well-being.